Thursday, December 20, 2012

OVCX Finale

Here's a relatively short post with a few photos and some race footage:

Last week I finished up with finals and headed home Wednesday to spend some time with my family, since I will be absent over Christmas due to EXC. Then on Sunday, my girlfriend, family, and I headed back to Indy for the OVCX season finale, which was hosted by Marian at the IndyCycloplex.

The course was slick in spots from some rain earlier in the week, but overall it was tacking up nicely. My start position was further back in the grid, so chose to line up on the side in hopes that I'd be able to shoot around the outside, moving up that way. I was able to get into the top 15-20 when we hit the grass, and on the second straight I sprinted around on the left to get to the front. Once there, I established a gap going into the barriers, which grew after hopping them and keeping a steady pace. Now that I was out in-front my goal was to focus on riding each section of the course well and maintaining smooth, steady power in the flats. This allowed me to grow an advantage over my competitors throughout the race. I went down on the switchback descent in-front of all the spectators, thankfully I had the gap I did, allowing me to patiently make sure my chain was on and continue race.

I dedicated the race win to my friend, Nicole Borem, who is recovering from a recent surgery. Many of you know Nicole and raced in her honor as well - I know that meant the world to her. Thank you for this display of support you all showed, it was awesome to see!

Overall, the local series' and racing has been great! We're very fortunate to have so many people who are committed to the continued growth of the sport and development of young riders. I think having the final race of the series at the Major Taylor Velodrome (IndyCycloplex) gave an opportunity to  show the level of commitment that Marian has for developing cycling in the Midwest. Dean and the rest of the Marian crew have worked to make the IndyCycloplex a place where cycling of all disciplines can be held and flourish.

The unveiling of how the 'JoJoNoFingers' nickname originated

Highlight Reel

My favorite picture from the weekend! Will Johnson & I.
Photo Credit: Kent Baumgardt
Photo Credit: Kent Baumgardt
Thanks for reading - Stay tune for updates from Euro land soon!

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