Friday, January 21, 2011

Trucking Right Along

Well it's hard to believe that we're almost a month into the New Year. Time waits for no one! I've been busy trying to get things squared away for the coming season and have some exciting things to announce in the near future. I am really stoked for this year's racing. I think it will be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what I can do.
As far as training goes, I've been putting solid time in on the bike despite the weather. I can withstand training in this colder weather; but it just makes those longer rides harder. I'm hoping for some 30 degree temps soon, especially since I'll be racing in a month or so.
I'm looking to try my hand at some skinny tire racing this year. I had a great time doing a handful of Road Races and Crits this past year. I think it's something that I will enjoy and I will have fun picking up on the " race tactics" and finding my own "riding style". I will still be racing in the dirt, but I won't do quite as many local races. Although, I'd like to go up to a couple Wisconsin races.

On another note, I will be headed to Washington D.C. tonight for The March for Life Rally. It's an annual march that is held once a year and started back in 1974. We will also be touring the capital and lobbying Congress. It will be a great experience. Not only that, but it will be a way to be a voice for the unborn. The theme surrounding this years march is:
"Thou Shalt Protect the Equal Right to Life of Each Innocent
Born and Preborn Human in Existence at Fertilization.
No Exception! No Compromise!"

Thanks for reading! I'll leave you with this...
"Abortion on demand has, in my judgment, contributed significantly to an environment in our country in which life has become very cheap."
-Robert Casey


  1. Looking forward to meeting up with you and hearing what your up to. Have fun in D.C.!

  2. Thanks Mike! We should meet for coffee or something of the sort.